Coldplay's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars! | NFL

Publicerades den 11 feb 2016
Check out the entire Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, starring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, ending with an amazing homage to former Super Bowl Halftime shows.
Setlist included: "Yellow", "Viva La Vida", "Paradise", "Adventure of a Lifetime", "Uptown Funk", "Formation", "Clocks", and "Fix You"/"Up and Up"
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  • No politics. No pandemic. Pure entertainers unifying the world together. LeBron, this is how you do it.

  • Best time to be alive

  • Why this one was during still daylight..?

  • lmao bruno and Bey really took this show over man. RIP coldplay

  • Rabbidbowl 3V3 Playoffs 2016 : Super Rabbidbowl 3V3 2016 : Hakas de Rabbid Gangs vs Rabbidhibernatus City

    • Hakas (Ouest) 3-4 Heroics (Est)

  • The proof that this was one of the best is how they managed to have a full ass concert in 13 minutes

  • la intro del willyrex xd

  • This is how u know music brings everyone together

  • stupid beyonce you have no talent and we dont wanna see you so big ass...........................

  • i know St Peter won't call my name...he just himself said that he will go hell what a stupid fool.........................

  • This was 5 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • literally Beyonce stole the end of the last song lol. Queen tho

  • Coldplay one of the best my favor band

  • Pepsi SuperBowl Gold 50 with three great artists🥰

  • Lifetime level of iconic

  • Better than Katy Petty and Lady Gaga's tbh.

  • I love Whitney .

  • Still the best halftime show.

  • very exciting

  • One of my fav super bowl half time shows! Classic

  • Para Para PARA PARA PARA dise

  • God these iPhone ads

  • This sounds better than the original

  • This seems like so long ago.

  • y'all dont even got 1080p??

  • The dance off was elite

  • At this time, the Earth would have also danced.

  • De paradise solo me acuerdo de Willyrex

  • ads have NEVER sucked more.

  • This whole performance was so fun

  • Me encanta 😊😍

  • Euuuu amoooooooooooooo demaissss essa apresentação

  • Super performance , the best of all super bowls

  • It's 🤩

  • 0:49. He sang "a few cherished little bells are ringing" like james corden did in that car singing act.

  • I spotted Kim-Jong Un at 5:41 :D

  • Chris Martin is a God of the music

  • Se dan cuenta todas la veces que ven a Gustavo dudamel y no lo reconocen, y el dirigiendo todo.

  • order chemicals from

  • When Corona just was a beer...

  • I love Colplay. Such positive tunes. Would we go back to this amazings half times? This is my fave.

  • 15:00

  • So kids, this is how legends do live performance


  • Top 3 best Halftime performances ever MJ Prince This

  • what your name of music at the two minutes and 21 second?

  • bruno mars is an icon

  • Yo this is so cool. So Chris Martin did a carpool karaoke with James Corden just before this. James said the lyrics wrong saying 'cherished bells ae ringing'. And Chris actually repeated those instead of singing 'I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing'. This is because when James was embarrassed he said 'music is whatever you make it'. Listen again.

  • That day Beyoncé pissed republicans off. A truly queen.

  • Massive opportunity missed here you had Coldplay and Beyoncé they had a charting song with hymm for the weekend... ya’ll mashed the wrong songs.

  • “Mommy why is no one wearing their masks? Are they all vaccinated? Is this in the future? Are they celebrating because we’ve won the war against Covid?”

  • that crowd tho miss the good times

  • Beyonce deserves a Super Bowl totall for her!!!

  • Movie!

  • It feels good to perform at the greatest country in the universe

  • Miss vibes

  • If they cleared all of the no talent artists off and let BRUNO just do his thing this would be much better

  • Cada vez que veo esto me acuerdo de Willy cantando paradais

  • The stadium went hotter than hell aF.

  • This was definitely the best halftime show.

  • parau parau paradais

  • The Best Video I've ever seen about Live Show... Just Feel so delighted.

  • This is what we call talent

  • icons !!!

  • Seeing coldplay written in Hindi.. I'm proud Bless each and everyone one who participated in this video and made this day memorable... Love from India.

  • Good vibes from start to finish

  • thank you for reminding me about happiness

  • Coldplay, Bruno, Beyoncé a beautiful performance, an unforgettable experience and from a big fan of these guys, this performance will always be one of the best ones, I’m not saying that this is better than any other performance, all the other artists after this performance except for Maroon 5 which breaks my heart to say did a great job with their performances, but this one is memorable because it was powerful to me

  • Me imagino a willyrex gritando a todo pulmon: PARA PARA PARADAIS

  • Watch the Sao Paulo version of this and you will realize how lame this production is

  • Ah Paradise 😍

  • I'm not sure if the future super bowls will ever be able to outdo this one. Just this straight up happy music and feeling of being toghether made my day once again.

  • 5:41 that guy looks familiar, kinda remember me of spidermans partner.

  • “A few cherished little bells are ringing” - who remembers from the car pool karaoke 🥰

  • 3:02 willyrex moment

  • Healing back now though..

  • Salah satu band favorit gw coldplay Lagu"nya keren"

  • 9:09 Good save Beyonce

  • 1:18 Wtf?

  • Knowing that this video with such divine performances exists gives me the strength to get out of bed in the morning

  • The best Superbowls for me: 1. Micheal Jackson 2. Prince 3. Diana Ross 4. Coldplay/Bruno,/Beyonce 5. Shakira/JLo

  • How come they performed on a broad daylight?

  • I swear 2016 was the best year tbh!!!

  • wow super EVENT of all the Time !!!!!

  • Fanstastic ,Cold play is the good

  • 2:62 parau parau paradise Grande Willy jajaja

  • whats the name of the last music??

    • Up&Up

  • watching this feels really alive


  • Bruno Mars👏👏💪

  • This is still the best 🥰

  • Los mejo re de Super worñf

  • Name song Beyoncé?

  • All time legend....

  • X,

  • This was everything a Super Bowl Halftime Show should be.

  • the tribute to the artists, the colors, the kids playing, the three of them and WOW a time when we could be mask free and together...


  • Amazing

  • when life was amazing