Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

Publicerades den 12 feb 2016
Take a look at Prince's iconic Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show through a rain and wind storm.
Setlist included: "We Will Rock You", "Let's Go Crazy", "Baby I'm a Star", "Proud Mary", "All Along the Watchtower", "Best of You", and "Purple Rain"
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  • The very best half time show ever in the history of football. RIP Prince, real talent has left.

  • Can we please just get a video of the performance? Like, without these people interrupting it.

  • Why are they always talking thru best the moments?

  • King, Queen and Prince gone only jesters left

  • God was watching that concert and wanted to add his touch

  • 2021 and still the best halftime show in history...

  • Nothing will ever top this performance

  • this is the power of real instruments, you can play with your guitar and have fun

  • The last great Halftime Show performance

  • That's why Prince was in his own class.

  • The twins weren’t the only ones wearing 8 inches heels on that stage.

  • This was and always will be the best halftime performance ever. This is coming from someone that isn't a huge Prince fan.

  • You kids wouldn't even believe me, but when I say that man wasn't using any autotune.

  • Don’t need the mouth!!

  • One of the worst Super Bowls ever, but by far the best halftime show ever 💕

  • 8'' heals? Haha, no sir-ee. RIP Prince

  • Imagine being there live....jealous!

  • It’s almost as if he was created for this moment. As if he knew for a long time coming that one day he’d get the chance to shake the world in one performance. Like it was an overwhelming urge he had waiting to let out. You can just see it on his face at the end, almost a sigh of relief.

  • Best Halftime Show Performance ever. Fight me.


  • So glad he retired! Do miss him but he no longer kicked ass!

  • Worst performance I've seen prince do. Sounds all washed up!

  • Quel talent ce mec, the "G.O.A.T"!!!!

  • Prince - Hardcore Entertainerr - nobody comes close to this man's talent and dedication - really obvious in this video. RIP

  • FAMU!!!!!

  • Are we going to let the elevator break us down? Irony of it...

  • what the hay? why is he talking over the guitar solos? who made this video? what?

  • "If you know what I'm singing about up here, come on and raise your hands". Behind all the showmanship and theatre, the man was a musician. A writer and a player. A talent.

  • God bless this guy. We know the songs. RIP


  • what's with the talking?

  • We are starting to lose the geniuses

  • Fging LEGEND

  • Also notice that back then, the NFL still had a marching band in the halftime show. They skipped a few years, but brought it back for Beyonce's halftime show.

  • Is there a video of this amazing show without these people talking? If not there should be!

  • I Love U Prince!!! Thank You for Everything... Job Well Done, Now Rock Out In Eternity!!! Your legacy will be forever down here on Earth...

  • Prince lived for music. Thankfully his vault will continue to bring some of the 8,000 songs locked away in there for our blessing to hear him posthumously. Kudos to this enigmatic quiet man, there will certainly be more new Prince hits to come. It’s even possible that he’ll have more hits than when he was alive. LETS GO CRAZY

  • Idc what you say... Prince is better then MJ in my eyes. MJ could never play all the instruments and sing as background singers. Prince did it all and that’s why he is crazy

  • One of the Best Half time Shows Ive witnessed. If not the best.

  • Chris rock did a great impression in 5th Element.

  • Prince was probably the most unique and iconic performer of my lifetime....The dude was a living legend 🤘..

  • and on the 9th day god said let me open up the heavens and this shall be the greatest halftime performance ever!!!

  • I'll never get bored of this story !!

  • F Bruce, F U2, F everyone else. Prince owned his set. No one should have followed. He owned.

  • Girl @6:54 in blue was feeeelin it!

  • the SUBERBOWL performance of 2014 BY BRUNO MARS was the beginning of the END of quality artists on the world stage that' opinion ....WHATS YOURS..????

  • Roger didn't miss a beat!!!

  • "They were wearing 8" heels..." lol, this dude wishes that was 8 inches.

  • This is why Prince is amazing and a star....god bless him

  • GGs bro

  • Whoever caught Prince's head scarf has never washed it lol.

  • This was and always will be the GREATEST SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW EVER! And if any of your friends try to tell you otherwise, then remove them from your circle. Immediately!

  • 2021....Still the most Powerful Performance in Rock and Roll History!!!!

  • The BEST performance of ALL TIME!

  • The king was not Born as King ...But Prince was Born as Prince and Died as Prince..There was no need for Him to Become King ..

  • Most epic I've seen. Ever. Period.

  • He was born for this.

  • 🐐

  • God's wearing a headset. He's like, "Cue the rain."

  • This SB performance will NEVER be topped by anyone ever!

  • dearly beloved, can we get an AMEN up in here???

  • The internal trouble medicinally smile because hobbies meteorologically shade besides a rotten height. nutty, subsequent ball

  • Wish there was a way to shut the commentators OFF, and just listen to the performance. Prince launches into the solo on Purple Rain....cue the commentator. Thumbs down!

  • the weekend has left the chat *

  • Damn dude shut up

  • There could be a billion comments, still wouldn’t be enough words to capture his incredible genius. R.I.P. PRINCE 👑

  • he was a talent

  • There’s no words that can explain or describe Prince.

  • Don’t talk while prince is singing😑

  • This is what happens when you been blessed with the waters from Lake Minnetonka 🙌

  • 100 million people watch American football kekw

  • He nailed it.




  • They should have put the dancers wearing heels on a wet floor and not slipping on the SB highlights.

  • Way to ruin an other perfect performance with the editing seriously wtf? We know Prince is great that's why we're here. Can you remove the voices please?

  • Y does WAP have more views

  • Absolutely Beautiful. What a wonderful guitar player. RIP

  • The best ever. Period.

  • They don’t do them like this anymore

  • One of the top three live performances, ever.

  • It's not raining on prince. Prince was raining on the rain

  • i dont like his music

  • So sad that he doesn’t understand that God makes the rain...even Prince knew that!!!

  • fu, shut up stupid sport dude

  • Stunning!

  • Thumbs down because they won't show full half time show!

  • Is it possible to see it somewhere without people commenting on the performance?

  • Yeah Prince is dope but those dancers are something else being able to dance on a slippery stage while wearing wearing big heels.

  • This was the year they played the Super Bowl around a Prince concert.

  • We don't need a bunch of Jewish guys speaking amazements about that blessed Black man! Shut up!

  • It was one of the best half time ever R.I.P Prince

  • Spectacular. Impeccable. Beautiful 😘

  • 👑 prince. Love. You

  • How somebody do your song better than you. This guy needs to shish or just stfu

  • I remember watching this, and 1) being amazed that he was performing in the rain, and 2) getting chills when I heard those first lines of "Purple Rain". I just shook my head, saying "how appropriate!" Best Super Bowl halftime show of the last 25 years, easily.

  • the commentary makes this performance so much cooler

  • This is the best halftime show of all time.

  • A True True Artist!! Prince you are missed!!! God Bless you!