Super Bowl LV Mic'd Up! | "This is What We Do, Two Tuddies!?" | Game Day All Access 2020

Publicerades den 11 feb 2021
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  • 13:09 Tom Brady is better at the QB sneak than any other QB in the history of the NFL. Brady has converted 84 percent of all his Quarter Back sneaks'.

  • this will always be satisfying to me. haha

  • dude there isn't a worst feeling than loseing and then everybody trying to cheer u up and u want to just start screaming and crying

  • 31:14 JPP didn't have to do mahomes like that man xD

  • These guys couldn’t catch Mahomes passes. He hit two right in the face. Lol

  • Mahomes and nobody else will ever get 7 super bowl rings.

  • No need to see footage of the halftime show, unless you're gonna illustrate how 200 people dancing on the field makes it more slippery for the players....

  • I wasn't this angry watching the superbowl live! 1st half demoralizing, and crucial calls BLOWN by the officials.... you know that the KC defense was furious walking into the locker room at half.... Next year Chiefs! Y'all are monsters!

  • 14:05 that girl in the gronk jersey sheesh

  • I hate Kelce as a person, but damn is he good at football.

  • 22:46 sounds exactly like Chad (OchoCinco) Johnson!!!! Also, dude man from the halftime show could be AB’s brother lol.

  • they never released the trash talking between tb12 and honeybadger

  • Defense played lights out

  • Haters say Tom Brady’s hand sanitizer was really something else, to help him throw the ball better.

  • 40:11 So is this "What more do you have to prove" moment??

  • This is awesome!

  • I loved JPP " WE STILL COMING!!" So awesome to have him on the team. He never quits.. A savage...

    • I loved when JPP said to Mahomes “ is over boy, is over”

  • Chiefs aren't winning more then 7 games in 2021-22

  • Brady acts like he is the best but mahomes is

  • Athletes and coaches fold when you stick Mic in the face.

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  • Mahomes wouldn't have a ring if he played in a era when Brady was in his prime

  • Pat sounds like Kermit gargling broken nails

  • Look at all these grown ass succesful men being respectful to women, but according to the internet that means you're a simp or SJW smh we all know who is happier in their lives

  • You gotta love the respect between players and refs at the beginning of the video

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  • The amount of times Tom Brady has been to AFC and League champions outweighs the amount of women I've been with in my life.

  • Sad how Mahomes was the only one trying

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  • Mike giving that kid his helmet was the best part of the whole thing

  • This NFL film is amazing.

  • Start of the 2nd half, everyone is hyping each other up. "Let's go, let's go", "Keep being great", "This is our comeback baby", "Let's get it" Tom Brady: "Do you have hand sanitizer?" lol

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  • The bucs do not deserve the super bowl

  • That’s why u need line men lol

  • That was a td all day

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  • 31:28 you're welcome

  • Gotta love Godwin asking how’s he do that... haha. I’ll tell you how he did it. He ran for his life, threw it up, and prayed as usual and it was incomplete! 53% completions, two INTs and ZERO TDs....nighty night Kermit! Bahahaha!!

  • Worst super bowl I’ve ever seen

  • Gronk makes nfl players look so small😂😂

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  • 32:45 Tom just looking at mike

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  • That Kansas special teams was trash

  • As a Bucs fan, want to say congrats to the Chiefs on another awesome season.

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  • Gronk is Brady’s sensu bean

  • It has been decades since an intelligent quarterback with the skill set of Tom Brady has been in the NFL. He is able to scan the defenders and determine the flight of the ball to achieve the desired results. He is a walking and talking Intel core i9 processor.

  • I read blogs that stated the Chiefs were robbed by the referees. Losers always come up with excuses and blaming the refs is always their fallback. If they didn't like how they were being called for penalties, don't commit them. The Chiefs were also in the SB because the refs missed a helmet to helmet call at the goal line that caused the fumble. If that penalty was enforced, the Chiefs lose that game, so don't blame the refs for making calls against you but also missed calls against you.

  • 27:10

  • I would love to have a full Mic'd Up! Super Bowl LV video ( full game) of just JPP. That dude cracks me up

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  • As hard as Patrick Mahomes fought...he will be back with a vengeance. ESPECIALLY when Jason Pierre-Paul celebrated in his face.

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  • 1213

  • Brady breaks everyone's dreams.

  • You can’t blame Mahomes for this L …the man played his heart out, making incredible throws

  • Mahomes voice is earrape lmfao

  • Chiefs: "Were making a comeback." Brady: "Ya got any handsanatizer?" 22:47

  • I don't even feel bad for Kansas City they literally won last year.

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  • what the name of the song/music when gronk get his second td? Minute 17:30

  • Man it felt weird to hear Bruce Arians call Brady "kid." LOL

  • 21:13 The Poor Poor Steelers Fans and That Yinzer who hates him and calls him the D.I.V.A.

  • Love how Winfield and White mocked Tyreek Hill on the peace sign and the phone call for help respectively.

  • Cray how patriots didn’t want Brady anymore and he turned right around and won another Super Bowl

  • 28:08: Fastest brady has ever run

  • 14:07🍑

  • Bill at least got to watch the SB...on TV.

  • Nice day.for.america

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  • "slow roast they ass"--Kelce. lmao

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  • Tom Brady Chest

  • Tom should be a Rays Pitcher while he’s a Buccaneer!😂

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  • The KC quarterback was a magician Under extreme pressure with severe contortions of his body, he threw the ball into his receivers hands or off their helmets 3 times at the goal line for 3 touchdowns, with the last one they could’ve went for 2 point conversion to tie the game Lousy performance by those receivers 3 times in their hands for touch downs Amateur performance to drop the ball

    • Mahomes 2 Super Bowl appearances - 4 INT's / 2 TD's QB Rating 58.2 combined The guy just can't pass from the pocket and was exposed